Time Across Cultures (Ethiopia)

  Having done my 20×20 presentation on the perception of times in different cultures, it was a pleasant find to come across this article from Public International Radio– “If you have a meeting in Ethiopia, you’d better double check the time.” The article details the two ways to tell time in Ethiopia. One is the the traditional 24 hour clock, while the other is 12 hour clock, which is commonly used due…


The Slow Road to Free Speech in Ethiopia

  As a first generation Ethiopian-American my connection to Ethiopia is different one than that of my parents. For my parents, Ethiopia is home, there is a tight knit, communal sense of cultural identity rooted in nation, religion, ethnic group, cultural practices, etc. For me Ethiopia represent the heartland, a distant and somewhat romanticized sense of origin that brings to light many of the qualities that define me–facial features, familial/personal values,…


Narenda Modi: Prime Minister of India, Social Media Guru, and now TIME Person of the Year (Reader’s Poll)

  As Dr. Semetko remarked in our class, Narenda Modi’s ascendance to the post of Prime Minister of India, was partly due to his crafty use of social media during elections, appealing to a burgeoning youth demographic in India that is increasingly becoming more tech savvy. It makes a lot of sense, considering Modi is the fifth most followed leader in the world on Twitter with 7.8 million followers. With…

Puma vs Adidas logos

Adidas v.s. Puma: Then and Now

  As you may or may not know, the iconic sports brands Adidas and Puma were started by two German brothers, Adolf and Rudolf Dassler in the small Bavarian town of Herzogenaurach in 1948, after a bitter split. No one knows exactly what caused the rift, but what was left behind was a town with divided loyalties that somewhat persist to this day. Folks south of the of the Aurach river…


The People Have Spoken

  In a previous I discussed the visit of Doug Busk, director of Social Media at Coca-Cola, and the genuine though provoking advice he gave us in class. His time in class was also filled with more light hearted jabs at the randomness and idiosyncrasies involved in social media campaigns. One student even asked, “What ever happened to Vault or you all going to bring it back?” Busk would go on…


A Future in Images

    Global Group Director of Digital Communications & Social Media at the Coca-Cola Company, Douglas Busk was gracious enough to bless us with his presence this past class meeting, as one among many guest speakers that have given up their time to impart upon us important advice, life experiences, and opportunities. In talking about his work at Coca-Cola, one of my classmates asked him, where he thought current trends…


Disruption of Technology As We Know It

  While we were not able to speak with Vivek Wadwha, the video of him that we were able to watch in class set off a light bulb in my head. Wadwha vividly illustrated the unimaginable rate at which technology is advancing. Thus it’s interesting to see his use of the more unpleasant word, “disruption,”  seems anything but accommodating to change. With further research, I soon came to realize that…


Visit Ethiopia

  As the son of Ethiopian immigrants, I can’t help but but be happy when I see positive news coming from Ethiopia. Such news is a welcomed departure from the days when Ethiopia was only associated with poverty, famine, war, corruption, disease, etc.– the stereotypical ills with which Western media tends to narrowly relegate much of Africa to. Now it seems as though Ethiopia is coming to be known for its beautiful landscapes,…


H&M and Land Grabs?

  The process of modernization is not an easy one, especially for a developing nation like Ethiopia where important national decisions can often pit culture and tradition against modernity. In the realm of economic development, clothing retail giant, H&M, partnered up with Ethiopia in the past year in order to expand it’s base of suppliers, which are largely concentrated in Asia. For Ethiopia, this means an opportunity to create jobs and ramp…