Narenda Modi: Prime Minister of India, Social Media Guru, and now TIME Person of the Year (Reader’s Poll)



As Dr. Semetko remarked in our class, Narenda Modi’s ascendance to the post of Prime Minister of India, was partly due to his crafty use of social media during elections, appealing to a burgeoning youth demographic in India that is increasingly becoming more tech savvy. It makes a lot of sense, considering Modi is the fifth most followed leader in the world on Twitter with 7.8 million followers.

With all the publicity, it may come as no surprise then that Modi was able to win the Reader Poll for TIME Person of the Year for 2014, beating out other equally deserving figures such as Malala Yousafzai, Beyonce’, John Kerry,  Ebola doctors and nurses, and more.

Check out these articles from Quartz and TIME:

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Narendra Modi Wins Reader Poll for TIME Person of the Year (TIME)

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