The People Have Spoken



In a previous I discussed the visit of Doug Busk, director of Social Media at Coca-Cola, and the genuine though provoking advice he gave us in class. His time in class was also filled with more light hearted jabs at the randomness and idiosyncrasies involved in social media campaigns.

One student even asked, “What ever happened to Vault or you all going to bring it back?” Busk would go on to explain the procedure that Coke takes in introducing certain products into the market and gauging customer demand. While he mentioned that he doesn’t think that Vault will be coming back to regular distribution anytime soon, there is a significant, fervent fan following of the beloved soft drink. So much so that a Facebook page was created to fulfill the demand.

While I’m personally no jumping up and down in joy for the likes of Vault, one product that I do fondly remember and wish they would bring back into regular distribution was the breakfast cereal, French Toast Crunch. Much to my amazement, a quick google search of the product revealed that General Mills had recently resurrected French Toast Crunch after an 8 year hiatus due to renewed calls from fans of the cereal many outlets including social media.

It goes to show you the power that people wield when passionate about a certain issue, injustice, or simple bowl of cereal.


Check out General Mills’s blog revealing their news of bringing back French toast Crunch:

We’ve got BIG news about French Toast Crunch by Lynne Morioka (taste of General Mills)


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