Disruption of Technology As We Know It



While we were not able to speak with Vivek Wadwha, the video of him that we were able to watch in class set off a light bulb in my head. Wadwha vividly illustrated the unimaginable rate at which technology is advancing.

Thus it’s interesting to see his use of the more unpleasant word, “disruption,”  seems anything but accommodating to change. With further research, I soon came to realize that there is a such thing as  disruptive innovation.

For Vivek Wadhwa disruptive innovation is something to welcome. As he explains in a recent Washington Post article, changes “will cause disruption in industry after industry.” While Wadhwa embraces this change, he worries that our societies are not prepared or ready for such changes. In the Washington Post article, he zeros in on manufacturing, finance, health care, energy industries, and communications.

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